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Power to the People!

Since the government announced that public sector workers have to pay more into their pensions and for a longer period of time, it has left the country seething. Why should the ordinary folk have to suffer to bolster the already huge pay packets of the greedy fat cats, while they’re getting richer and richer and the poor are getting poorer and poorer?

Wednesday was the day that people went to the streets and protested over these changes. And according to the unions more than 2 million people joined in the protest. England hasn’t had a strike this big since the 1979 strikes.

Whilst most people would think that this, in turn, makes it a pretty powerful statement, David Cameron called it a “damp Squid” because it didn’t cause too much disruption. I think Mr Cameron you are missing the point.

It was not, necessarily, to wreak havoc on the nation, but rather to be a united voice, to stand and be counted. It was a way of demonstrating that people are not happy with all these austerity measures that this government are bringing in, whether it was Labour’s fault or not.

George Osborne’s autumn statement (his mid-way budget plan), which was announced a day before the strikes, is leaving the population in a worse position than it has been in since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. A good time was definitely not had by all. I do believe that if more of the population even bothered watching the news there would have been more people on the streets.

I really do believe that a lot of people are going to be in for a shock. If you think that things will ‘pick up’ in a year or so, then you need to get your head out of the sand. We are all (apart from the fat cats), going to be suffering until, at least 2016. Well, mainly the people raising the next generation.

According to government statistics 79,000 NHS staff decided to support the strike actions, meaning that 85.5 percent of staff did go into work. Admittedly that is rather disappointing, but it’s harder to have your voice heard and go on strike, if there’s a real chance someone might die. That is why the NHS gets screwed over: the staff tries to cure people, not help them step into an early grave.

And, how did the Border Control Agency get on with the strikes? After their huge-scale gaff recently, you would have imagined that they wouldn’t have dared strike, but surprisingly, according to the Immigration Services Union they had 80 percent of their members go out on strike and the Public and Commercial Services Union, who are also involved with immigration, had 90 percent of its members strike.

Although, the government had contingency plans to minimise the risk of delays for travellers. I am left wondering how tight their security was on Wednesday. Did a surprise entity tell them to relax security checks again?

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